Brand Introduction

POMME DE TERRE, a new generation of childrens clothing by JIANGNANBUYI, takes a kid named POMME as its prototype. POMME is a metaphor for kids in their self-exploration period and whose sense of independence is being established for the first time. With heightened independent consciousness, they pine for a sense of independence as an adult. The development of self-confidence and values at this stage is of vital importance to their futures. From the perspective of POMME, the brand captures the many facets of contemporary children during their growing years and works with parents to explore a family atmosphere and a footloose lifestyle that is more suitable for their growth.

  • Casual

    Use exquisite craftsmanship and texture to give today's children a comfortable and enjoyable way to show off their youthful style.

  • Exploratory

    To explore, experience, and share and build the spiritual universe of Pomme de terre that celebrates independent personality.

  • Sustainable

    Explore interesting elements and cultures in sustainable lifestyles and provide consumers with alternative choices.